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July 2, 2012
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Girls' Night Out by VoiceActressKurutta Girls' Night Out by VoiceActressKurutta

So yeah... awkward comic... ^^; Hopefully people will think it's funny as opposed to disturbing. :ashamed:

I'm sorry it looks like a 5-year-old drew it too. :( I promise I spent dozens of hours on this. I think I pulled like 3 all-nighters while working on it. :faint: Not good for my health. =__= But so worth it! :XD: Anyway, I'm still learning how to draw digitally. I mean, I can color digitally well enough, but the lineart is the problem. And I knew I'd never be able to pull it off traditionally. I tried not to be quite so perfectionistic, but somehow I ended up being OCD enough for this to take too long, while not being OCD enough to actually make it look decent. ^^; OHHHHHHHH well. :dummy:

Lots of copy/paste action. :XD: That's the way to go. ^^;

I took the background (though I had to edit it) off of google, as well as the lightbulb... which I also edited. The rest is stuff I drew... Please pretend the hairdryer actually looks like a hairdryer. ^^;

And in case anyone is wondering (not that too many people nit-pick facts/details this much), the reason Ms. Question doesn't simply hit Beatrice and Leslie with her Question Marks is because they're the only ones of the group with semi-stable jobs, so they're paying for her dinner. So she has to stay on their good sides. :XD: Well... nothing can get her on LRW's good side in my opinion/headcanon, but you know... :giggle: Ohmygosh, I just realized almost this whole freaking concept is based on my headcanons about how these three interact and stuff, etc. asdfkl;ajsdflkajsdfasdlfjasdlf! I'm lame. :| But at least it makes more sense that Ms. Question brings up the idea since she's the only one of the three who really knows InvisiBill, so it's kinda likely that the thought would come to mind? Maybe? Although, if they should be worried about ANYONE following them into the bathroom, frankly they should be worried about Trollin' McClean, not InvisiBill.

Oh, and in case anyone else was wondering, I took all three of those dress designs from the show. When Lady Redundant Woman stole those three dresses. I just changed the colors (and slight design changes, like the Question Mark) to look more like the villainesses' normal color designs. I dunno why. I just did. :shrug: I guess Lady Redundant Woman bought/stole those dresses for them because she's the only one who seems to care about fashion and if she's going to be seen in public with them, they better be lookin' FABULOUS. :mwahaha: ...OH!!!! Or Ms. Question could've helped sew the dresses or pieces of them because they've hinted on the show that she sews! :squee: Okay, I should shut up now. ^^; Too many headcanons... :ashamed:

Oh, and one last thought I forgot to mention. I left off Leslie's glasses because she was really hard to draw as it was. ^^; So my BS'ed artist's excuse is that Lady Redundant Woman made her get contacts for the sake of fashion. ^^;

WordGirl belongs to Soup2Nuts.
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XxnightcorepunkxX Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Drizzle-The-Glaceon Sep 8, 2013  Student General Artist
HAHA! Love this!♥
VoiceActressKurutta Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :dance: 
Oh my god I laughed so hard when I saw this and saw their reactions when Ms.Question brought up InvisiBill.
Invisibill should have some pictures atleast there are hardly any pictures of him

(................InvisiBillxMs.Question any one?)(Jk I'm just being a troll)
VoiceActressKurutta Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! :D
You mean fanart? Because I definitely think there should be more fanart of him. :T In fact, I've been trying to find time to draw another picture of him, once I finish my other art that I started ages ago. ^^;

I've actually considered shipping it, believe it or not! :giggle: But only if he brought out a nicer side of her, 'cause she's too much of a jerk for him. :XD: And I think there's actually supposed to be an episode next season where they team-up, so I guess we'll see how they interact. :plotting:
I'm drawing a Picture of him right now but i'v just started 5 days ago and only got the body structure and his hair and glasses. I'm thinking of using my laptop to help me finish the drawing since I'm much better at computer art (I have a crud load on my facebook and Tumblr accounts)

I also think of shipping them both (Even though my friend would kill me because she dosen't agree with people shipping the characters and villans with eachother)
There going to team up in one of the episodes in the next season? That is a great time to see if the paring would work
(The reason I think of this shipping is because the maker of Wordgirl said Ms.Question and InvisiBill are the same age, 29 even though Bill looks a little younger(25 or 27 maybe?) and Ms.question looks a little older )(30 or just 29)
VoiceActressKurutta Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh cool! :D Well body structure is half the battle, isn't it? :) It is for me usually. :XD: Sounds like a plan! :dance: What's your tumblr account? And why haven't you posted your artwork on dA? :)

Wait, so your friend doesn't agree with shipping at all? :O_o: Am I reading that right? ^^;
I believe so. :) If you want I can link you to the episode synopsis? :?
Whoa, when/where did they release official ages?! :faint: I'm very interested in this sort of thing! I don't suppose you have a source so I could find this myself? :? I think InvisiBill looks younger too, like not very fast past college age. And Ms. Question sounds young, voice-wise, but the black lines under her eyes make her look really old. 'Cause the show really only gives characters black lines around their eyes when they're wrinkles. :O_o: So I dunno what's up with that 'cause she wouldn't be old enough for wrinkles. The other thing is that she had a line in an episode than I thought implied she was younger. So her age is totally up in the air to me. But 29 huh... that's really fascinating to me. :XD:
The tumblr account dosen't really work so I'll post the pictures from the account (Most likely not the account was deleted but I have every thing that I put on there on A Flashdrive) on to my DA account if I can
No my friend dose NOT agree with shipping the characters She thinks its wrong to be shipping characters from a tv show for children ages 4-13 (She ignores the fact that I'm only 11)
Yes please link me to the episode synopsis.
They released their ages in 2012 on December 30 But took it down on 2013 march 15 Due to people Trolling and flameing.
At first I thought InvisiBill was atleast 19 or 20 And Ms.Question was like 22 or 26(just like what you said she looks old because of the wrinkles under her eyes , Does she not sleep or something?)
VoiceActressKurutta Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh okay. I hope it wasn't deleted. :O_o: That'd be a shame. But I look forward to seeing it. :)
Ohhhhh, just because it's a kid show. I can kind of understand that, but I don't think it's a big deal. :shrug: As long as people don't get insanely mature with their shipping or anything. (You're 11? :O_o: You sound older. :XD:)
Where did they release them? The PBS website? :O I can't believe no one else in the fandom saw that (or even mentioned seeing it). I'm really sad that I missed it. :( Do you remember any other ages they mentioned, but chance? :? I honestly don't know. I don't think it's an insomnia thing because if it was insomnia I'd assume they'd made the lines under her eyes just a color slightly darker than her skin, like the lines under Lady Redundant Woman's eyes. :shrug:
It is Weird that no one else mention their ages.. but the website (I don't remember the name though) was a japanesse website(I used a translator)
(Yes I am 11 And I'm Very smart if you want to know)
She could be very stressed

(This conversation is getting very long Could we stop after you reply to this?)(Plus I have school 2marrow)
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